3 Great Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is often recognized because of its fragrance and color. It’s most often used in aromatherapy to help promote calmness and wellness. The lavender fields of Provence, France are probably the most well know for it’s beauty and bloom from June to august. We love the smell of french lavender. Which is why you’ll find it in everything from candles to scrubs!

benefitrs of lavender - lavender fieldsLavender Fields in France

Here are 3 Great Benefits of Lavender

1. It Can Help You Sleep

Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping? Lavender has always been recommended as an effective way to help people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. It’s normal for people to drop a bit of lavender essential oil on their pillow or use lavender flowers to help them fall asleep.

One of my favorite things to do is wash to wash my hands with lavender rosemary soap and then apply lavender rosemary hand lotion to my hands and chest. It’ll make you sleep like a baby.

2. It Can Help Relieve Certain Skin Issues

Lavender oils have been shown to help those with acne prone skin, eczema, sunburns and more. Its moisturizing properties also mean that it works amazingly well if you have dry or chapped skin. For red, itchy skin, we highly recommend that you use a 2 step exfoliate/hydrate system like we have here are Sense of Calm.

3. It’s Calming

benefits of lavender meditationMeditation; Great for the body and mind!

People today live a very stressful life. Part of life is learning how you can effectively deal with your every day stresses. A great way to do that is to meditate and there’s no better way to do it than with a guided meditation while candles burn in the background. You can also add lavender to enhance the calming experience of meditation. Whether you decide to use a lavender candle or lavender hand lotion, you’ll find a great sense of calm when you use it.

The calming effect is truly one of the most exciting benefits of lavender.

It’s relaxing and light floral scent will ensure that you start or end your day in a great mood!